Most projects have a broadly similar journey, and as with all the best stories, there is a beginning, middle and an end.

Beginning – setting the scene:

We will discuss your requirements and agree a project brief. Where possible, this will be done face–to–face, to make sure we fully understand the scope of the brief, along with its nuances and unique personality.

Conduct initial research into your business, products/services, customers and sector.

Agree timescales and calculate fees.

Time invested setting the scene, introducing characters and formulating plot is the secret to a happy ending.

Middle – plot development:

Research the project including meetings with designers as the brief demands.

Discuss Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) copy for web content briefs.*

The End:

Produce and send a draft of the copy to you, or your agent, in a Word document (unless another format is requested).

Check that we have a happy ending to this project and look forward to working with you again.

Discuss and agree changes with you.

Write the copy and provide you with regular progress reports.

*‘Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is textual composition for web page marketing that emphasizes skilful manipulation of the page’s wording to place it among the first results of a user’s search list, while still producing readable and persuasive content.’ Source: Wikipedia

At Morph, the emphasis is that SEO copy should be ‘readable and persuasive’ and that means not made incomprehensible owing to the frequency of the keywords. Subtlety is the key to good SEO copy.

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