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Jac Woods has been writing special features and biographies for Spencer Scott Travel for numerous years. Her skills lie in understanding our business needs and capturing our tone of voice. She writes creatively on a diverse range of subjects, destinations and people and conducts thorough research to ensure the factual elements are correct and topical. Her pieces are always enjoyable and informative to read. She is a highly competent writer “ Liz Drake, MD Spencer Scott Travel Services

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Eco-tourism helps jaguars fight extinction

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As Big Cats go, the jaguar tops the list. Seeing jaguars in the wild is becoming a rarity but if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one, it is an incredible experience – on a par with seeing your first tiger. These rare and wonderful creatures are massive, majestic and mysterious.


Brown Bears in the wild

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The Brown Bear (Ursus arctos), is one of the largest carnivores living today, and can grow to a huge size, males up to 350kg, females to 200kg. There have been sightings of even larger brown bears, one weighing 480kg was captured in Eastern Europe.


Polar Bears

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Polar bears feast on seals and so most of their hunting is out on the sea ice. They roam over huge
expanses and adult animals can swim long distances when required to do so. An adult polar
bear needs to kill between 50 and 75 seals annually to meet its energy requirements.


Wolf watching

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Few creatures sit so deeply in our psyche as the wolf. In some cultures they are seen as vicious animals and have been hunted to virtual extinction in some parts of the world. For others they feature in folk lore and dark tales, where they masquerade as the devil. The howl of the wolf fills many with a sense of dread and foreboding.


Red Alert for Black Rhinos

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Nothing is forever, except EXTINCTION.

The Black Rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) is an endangered species and is so severely in conflict with humans that it is on the point of extinction in our lifetime. It is largely in peril because of deep rooted misplaced believes and greed that fuel the demand for rhino horn.


Every dog has his day …

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One of those dogs “having his day” was an injured Painted Dog in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe called Birmingham. He had serious bite wounds on his leg which made him unable to keep up with the pack.


50 years of lion conservation

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What’s been happening since the making of the film ‘Born Free’ about Elsa the lioness?

Elsa became the first lioness successfully released back into the wild, the first to have contact after release, and the first to have a litter after returning to the wild.


Ken Howard RA OBE NEAC

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Ken Howard is one of the most gifted and accomplished figurative artists of today. He is particularly successful in expressing the effects of light and dark in both oil and watercolour paintings. His favourite and most famous subjects are studio pictures, Venice, Cornwall coastal scenes and London.


Hazel Soan

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Hazel Soan is the hugely popular Watercolour Challenge TV artist. She has published several instructional books including Watercolour Landscape Techniques and African Watercolours. Her latest book is Watercolour Rainbow in which she discusses the properties of pigments. Her love of Africa and her passion for wildlife is the subject of many of her paintings.

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Exhibition at the Royal Academy

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Starting with the work of Monet this exciting new Royal Academy exhibition ‘Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse‘ begins on January 20th and will look at the role gardens have played in art from mid 19th Century, through a period of massive economic, social and political change, to the 1920’s.


Normandy Impressionist Festival

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The Normandy Impressionist Festival is back for the 3rd time, building on the successes of 2010 and 2013. The 2013 festival was attended by over 1.8 million visitors and with more than 700 art, cultural and special events, it has been a real highlight for enthusiasts of Impressionist art.


Bruges – Flemish Primitive Painting Scene

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In the latter part of the 19th Century, Bruges became one of the world’s first tourist destinations, attracting wealthy British and French tourists. After 1965 the original medieval city experienced something of a renaissance.


The Fairytale of Giverny

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It seems fitting that Giverny, only 50 miles west and slightly north of the metropolis of Paris, should become an abundant and continually flowering legacy to it’s creator, Claude Monet. Giverny sits on the “right bank” of the Seine in the department of Haute-Normandie, France.

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