How much?

I don’t use a published rates board because every project I undertake is different. Prices depend on the project, its complexity, the amount of research required etc. so it’s impossible to provide a standardised list.

Although for a few clients I charge by the hour/day (these are mainly retainer contracts), for the majority I charge fixed fees that are calculated on a per project basis.

Discounted rates of up to 25% can be offered to start-ups within the first year of trading, charities and voluntary organisations.

Each fee covers the initial draft and research, plus up to two sets of amendments.

For what?

The copywriting fee covers all research, creation, writing and amendments to the copy. On top of that may be any reasonable expenses (e.g. travel costs for meetings etc.) incurred during your project, but you won’t pay for lunch breaks, holidays and other costs that having employees incurs. The fee we agree is the fee you pay.

How to pay?

For most projects,I will send you an invoice by email once you are happy with the copy (for payment direct to the Morph bank).

What about confidentiality?

All relationships with clients are confidential; however should you wish us to sign an NDA I am more than happy to oblige.

Do you do design too?

Design is not my thing, I can offer some suggestions.

How long will a project take?

A deadline will be agreed once the brief is accepted, with regular progress reports as standard.

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