About Me


I am a skilled and professional writer, with a background in writing for Government and its’ Ministers .  I have worked as a speech writer for leading and well-known politicians.   I have written editorial and web content for high end niche business.  I enjoy writing for entrepreneurs and also have links with the public sector.  I have strong research skills which complement the copywriting role.  I am taking a break from political writing to further develop a strong business portfolio.

Morph was born in 2014 when I decided to focus my career once again in writing.  This is after all where my skills lie and freelancing is the way I work best.  “Morph” came from a search for a business name that conveyed the personality of the business. “Morphology” is around the structure of words and language, which fit my idea of my talent  – choosing the right words to make an impact. I  also loved the little bendy Morph chap from being a small girl. Not wanting to give my age away, I won’t disclose how small!

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